April 28, 2021 Greg Johnson

Ancient Engineering

Ancient Engineering Narrator Voice Actor

In late 2020, I had the absolute pleasure of being cast as the narrator for the new series “Ancient Engineering”. You can catch the first 5 episodes of Season 1 currently streaming on CuriosityStream and hear my voice guide you through the fascinating stories of humanity’s greatest engineering achievements, past and present.

Given the subject matter, the show format, and the absolutely incredible team who worked to create this wonderful series, this has (to put it lightly) been a dream project for me; one that I feel truly, truly proud of. This is, hands-down, the absolute highlight of my career thus far. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self that all of that History Channel content that I binged non-stop in my youth has finally paid off.
You can watch a 2-minute sample of the series via the link below, or watch the first 5 episodes and a ton of other great documentary content on CuriosityStream starting at $20/year