July 24, 2021 Greg Johnson

Explainer Video Voice Over

Let’s say that you’ve got the perfect product or service ready to go for a grand launch. To market it out to the world, you invest in an explainer video that you hope will knock the socks off prospective buyers.

As you’re getting ready to view it for the first time, you can’t help but envision how it’ll elevate your brand image and sales to a whole new level. By the time you press the play button, you’re already in pure awe at how professional the animations and live action scenes look.

Suddenly, you’re caught off guard by one thing.

It’s that oddly robotic voice over that clashes with the entire vibe. The voice sounds so monotone that it seems like it’d rather be washing the dishes than highlighting what makes your product stand out. Talk about a buzz kill.

At the end of the day, a proper voice over is one of the most crucial aspects that can make or break an explainer video. Because these videos make it incredibly easy for businesses to connect with their audiences, getting great quality narration is key. Whoever watches your video needs to not only leave feeling more informed, but also motivated to make that purchase.

Rather than deciding to slash the budget to have that inexperienced intern or robot voice your video in-house, there are numerous benefits to hiring a pro-voice actor that can’t be overlooked. Let’s first take a dive into why explainer videos are important and how a fantastic voice actor can help your brand image stand out from the crowd.

Drive Your Sales

Explainer videos are one of the best marketing tactics to convert those impressions into real paying customers. That’s because they help give your product or service that boost of credibility it needs. No matter where the customer is along their journey, a high-quality video can motivate them to act — even if it’s not directly for a sale.

Your video could be the kickstart of a lifelong friendly relationship for a person who’s never heard about your brand before. On the other hand, your video could be the trigger that finally pushes a customer to make the purchase they’ve been dwelling on for a while.

As long as you can convey what the product will do for the customer through real world applications, sales are guaranteed to come along.

Give Your Brand a Voice

These days, customers are no longer looking for a product or service that simply gets the job done. They want to establish a real connection with a brand that conveys a unique perspective from the rest. It’s all about giving them value that goes beyond the surface and carries over time. Explainer videos are great at showcasing your brand to an audience and getting the job done. However, they’re far from complete without the guidance of a top-quality voice actor to drive the brand tone forward and increase that engagement.

Explain the Educational

In a nutshell, the best explainer videos function as a perfect balance between being informative and promotional. Getting that result can no doubt be a challenge if you might have a product or service with more complicated features.

After all, it might already be hard enough for you to keep up with a short YouTube tutorial, so how can you expect your audience to stay engaged?

As you might expect, it all depends on the narration to keep your viewer interested. Because professional voice actors have dedicated their lives to their craft, they know how to strike the best balance far more effectively than your average employee.

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what a voice actor might bring to the table, it’s time to take a deeper look at how they can take your explainer videos to new heights.

The Equipment

This isn’t your average cell phone voice memo notes recording. A professional voice actor knows what they’re doing and has honed their skills for years in capturing that clear and crisp sound that somehow makes your ears tingle.

Plus, they’ll bring all that high-quality equipment on the table to back their voice up, with a great audio interface, a top-notch microphone, and the right recording studio.

By hiring a voice actor, you won’t have to personally worry about investing in your own equipment or going through the hassle of auditioning your potentially tone-deaf employees. There’s also no need for you to go through the struggle of learning audio editing, as your voice actor has learned it all.


When listening to any solid narration, there are numerous little nuances involved that you might have never noticed before. From the clarity to the specific enunciation, your voice actor pays close attention to every aspect when reading a script.

It’s those small details that are able to keep audiences engaged during a more feature-heavy part of an explainer video. Regardless of what the topic is, the voice over that’s created should convey a seamless listening experience for anyone. Even if the actors themselves have no experience in the field, they’re able to come off as a natural-born expert.


Have you ever attended a ton of meetings in-person or via Zoom and wanted to fall asleep because you couldn’t ever stay engaged? Well, you’re certainly not alone.

For the millions of potential customers out there who might be interested in your product or service, it’s up to a voice actor with a charismatically interesting voice to help perk up customer ears and keep them at the edge of their seat.

Not only can a professional voice actor bring that energy to the scene, but they can also match the style and pacing you have in mind. A dry and boring voice is all that it takes for a viewer to lose interest, so it’s crucial that the voice over creates that strong first impression. Your voice actor knows exactly how to create that feeling of trust and earn you a loyal customer.


Lastly, your professional voice actor has had years, if not decades of experience in training and projects. Having done a variety of commercials, TV narrations, and explainer videos in their portfolio of work, they’re able to inject their personality into the script and bring life to your brand’s tone.

With a professional voice actor on your side, you’ll never have to suffer through yet again another dry explainer video. Instead, you’ll have both an educational and promotional piece of content that not only gets the purchase made, but forges many loyal customer relationships for years to come.

Greg Johnson

With over a decade of experience in audio production and voice-over production, you’ll find Greg Johnson at the intersection of where voice over excellence meets audio expertise. As the go-to voice for leading brands around the world, his breadth of experience and depth of quality are what your next project needs to resonate with a large audience and create a lasting impression.

Take a look at his explainer reel to see how his talents can be applied to your explainer video.

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