July 14, 2021 Greg Johnson

Television Narration Voice Over

Dynamic narration for television and youtube documentary

When it comes to informative entertainment, there’s almost nothing better than tuning into an exciting TV or YouTube documentary.

It comes to no surprise that factual historical content and fantastical content like true crime and paranormal investigative stories have become especially popular over recent years. After all, they provide an inside look into some of life’s most fascinating events and give insight on the human condition.

Throughout all the endless reenactments, interviews, scripts, research, and more, there’s so much that goes on behind the camera and on the camera to make such a high-quality TV production. You’ve got battle scenes here, some expert interviews there, and a whole load of puzzle pieces that somehow need to be assembled together. If you’re standing in the production shoes, you might be wondering — what’s the best way to tie it altogether to create a cohesive product that will keep the audiences engaged?

The solution is none other than professional TV narration.

In hiring a professional TV narrator, you’re essentially putting together the glue that will keep your documentary intact. From the audience’s perspective, hearing a great voice actor speak means that they can follow along between the transition of each scene seamlessly and with ease, like a well-oiled machine.

On the other hand, if you make the choice to ditch the TV narration, you might already be able to  imagine how ironically dry a documentary can suddenly become. Picture for a moment, seeing an epic reenactment of the construction of the Wall of China in a huge engineering documentary, only to have a boring voice suddenly destroy the vibe. A lackluster tone can quickly have your audience running to shut off the TV or left confused by whatever’s going on across the screen.

In hiring a well-versed and experienced TV narrator, you’re able to take your production above and beyond. A voice that’s able to match the aura of whatever’s going on the screen can invoke those moments of suspense and awe that your audience should feel in any historical or fantastical documentary. They can take your viewers on an expansive journey just with the tone of their voice alone and keep them engaged for multiple episodes.

However, you might already know that an excellent TV narrator has more than just their voice. To hire the right one for your project, you’ll have to consider a variety of factors to help your production stand out. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most crucial ones to get the ball rolling on your next award-winning documentary.


Even if you hire a voice actor with the most soothing voice in the world, they won’t be able to move your project forward without some experience behind their back.

True dynamic TV narration with depth and high engagement usually comes from the voice actors that have dipped their toes in a variety of different projects and topics. In my experience as a long-time TV narrator, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with over 500 clients worldwide in bringing their vision to life.

With a particular interest in ancient history, military history, anything paranormal, true crime, and nature related, I’ve enjoyed working on projects that have allowed me to expand my horizons and credentials, such as  “Ancient Engineering” on HBO Max and CuriosityStream.

However, my background in the world of voice acting extends beyond those focus areas alone. I’ve worked extensively in commercials, explainer videos, video game voice overs, animation dubbing, and an endless variety of content. Every project has provided me with a diverse set of tools and skills to take any future TV narration experience to the next level.

Audio Expertise & Equipment

When it comes to crafting crisp and high quality-sounding audio, plenty of the grunt work comes from audio editing and equipment. When hiring a truly well-rounded TV narrator, you’ll want someone who can bring the skills to back up their voice. After all, hearing a sudden voice pop or distorted echo in the background can leave a lasting impression in a viewer’s mind, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem.

In my line of work, I highly believe in the intersection where voice over excellence meets audio expertise. As an audio production specialist with over 15 years of professional audio experience in the voice over realm, I’ve worked on audio production for numerous well-known brands and titles. Because audio also encompasses music, I’ve also composed and produced placements for a variety of shows.

The power of good voicing and the audio production knowledge is a combination that can really make a difference for a large TV documentary project at the end of the day.


Past actions and experiences often speak louder than words, and this line of reasoning should be applied to every potential TV narrator that you consider. A voice actor’s portfolio of work and list of clientele speaks for itself when demonstrating their breadth and depth of experience. It establishes industry credibility right away and emphasizes that you can trust them to produce work at the highest level for your documentary.

In having spent well over a decade in voice acting, narrating, and audio production, I’ve gotten to work with multiple high-profile clients and studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Studios, and more just to name a few.

With an extensive list of credits spread out all over the industry, there’s no area in which I’m not prepared to explore and take on for your next big production.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, great visuals and informative segments form the body of a highly rated TV or YouTube documentary. However, it’s the narration and voice over that truly provides the bold personality, tone, and vibe of the show. In other words, it’s the beating heart of what makes it appeal to audiences. To craft a documentary show that leaves a lasting impact on your viewers, take these thoughts into consideration when hiring your next TV narrator.

Greg Johnson

With over a decade of experience, you’ll find Greg Johnson at the intersection of where voice over excellence meets audio expertise. As the go-to voice for leading brands around the world, his breadth of experience and depth of quality are what your next project needs to resonate with a large audience and create a lasting impression.

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