July 28, 2021 Greg Johnson

eLearning and LMS Development Voice Over

How do I create an LMS course or eLearning module that connects with my audience?

What makes an eLearning, instructional, walkthrough, or product training course effective? What are the goals of an eLearning course? How do you find a voice actor for an eLearning course? How do I find an LMS voice over or a voice actor for an LMS course?

An effective eLearning course not only clearly conveys pertinent information to your audience, it also connects on a more human level to ensure your audience is engaged and, in most cases, entertained enough to actually care about the information you’re trying to present to them.

Whether you’re creating an LMS or eLearning course in the realm of education (such as educational institutions), commercial (like product walkthroughs or commercial instructional videos), industrial courses with advanced product terminology, or medical courses with highly technical language, you want to make sure the not only is the information clear and articulate, but also highly engaging.


eLearning or LMS development for the purpose of education is a highly effective way to move through a curriculum or set of course modules since it can personally connect with students of all ages. An effective eLearning for education course is not only highly informative, but also engaging and fun to advance through. It can certainly be challenging to keep students, teachers, and faculty engaged when running through an educational LMS course. Not only do captivating visuals help, so does voice over for LMS development or voice over for elearning. The proper voice and delivery welcomes you to an eLearning module, warmly inviting you into the world of the course, brand, or company culture, and keeps you engaged all throughout as an active experience.


Product training voice over, product sales elearning, or general product walkthroughs, it is an absolute necessity to incorporate an engaging, authentic, and connected voice over into the fold. Not only is it just as important (if not more) to captivate an audience, you’re also trying to maintain them as a valued customer. You need a commercial elearning voice over that speaks directly to your audience as if they’re a friend sitting right across from them at a coffee shop. While almost all types of elearning or LMS courses are proudly representing a brand, company, or institution, a commercial LMS voice actor is representing a brand in a product walkthrough, demonstration, or instructional video more than any other type of LMS development voice actor.


It can be hard to keep the attention of a course participant in an industrial LMS or eLearning module. No matter how germaine a topic is to an audience, it can be hard to stay attentive and connected to the course. Quite often, the audience are technicians or tradespeople who certainly understand the terminology and industry, but even with a firm understanding it can be hard to stay alert. In some cases, it can even be harder when you feel you confidently know more than 50% of what’s being presented in the course. For this reason, an engaging and connected read can really be the spark that keeps elearning audiences engaged.


A medical eLearning course can be thought of very much the same way as an industrial LMS course, but in the space of medicine. This brings with it some extra challenge when putting together an eLearning course. Much like an industrial elearning course, it can be hard to keep an audience engaged (no matter how connected they are to their industry), however on top of that, medical terminology can very quickly start to sound dull, lifeless, and overly complex. A narration for medical elearning that presents modules in a manner that connects with the audience means clear articulation of more complex medical terminology, while at the same time connecting to the audience in a more conversational elearning manner. In this sense, articulation and clarity can not be sacrificed for the sake of conversationality, conversely, if you completely throw out the concept of coming off authentically and conversationally the result will be a robotic, lifeless, and bland voice over – which is the precise reason you’d prefer to use an actual voice actor over an AI voice over, especially in a medical narration.

A Voice Over That Captivates

In the end, no matter what type of elearning voice over or elearning voice actor for hire you’re looking for, it is absolutely imperative that the LMS voice actor that you hire deliver authentic, articulate, and engaging reads to make your brand, school, company, or clients confident that their audience will connect on a personal level with your eLearning content.